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Adoption Stories - Adoption story 2

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Adoption story 2

Adoption it’s the most beautiful gift! We have found adopting two children has been two completely different experiences. We adopted our boy through Glasgow , then discovered our little girl through linkmaker. Both equally magnificent. But very different! 
As Glasgow’s  youngest same-sex interracial adoptive couple embracing diversity and breaking stereotypes is one of our strengths. The fact that we understand difference helps us map out our children’s path in life.

We are big fans of therapeutic parenting and Thera-play we used this a lot with our first child, we felt like this really helped us connect and form secure attachment. Just little simple exercises every day  built strong foundations for a relationship. When adopting a second child we reverted back to Thera-play with not only the second child but our little boy. We felt it was really important to reconnect and become really in tune with both children. We found that introducing a second child we have to work just as hard on both children’s relationships not only with us but with each other. We made sure each child has time for themselves and as a family it is important that they have Dad or daddy time; just as important for us to do some self-care from time to time.

It’s crucial to understand your child story and embrace the difference of two adopted children. Each Life story is different (even if they are from the same sibling group). Life story is a wonderful Topic and should be celebrated. We absolutely thoroughly enjoy teaching our children about themselves their identity and the journey that they embarked on before they came to their forever family. In our house there is no stress on life story work we want this to become natural and do everything age and stage appropriate. We have found making our own picture books to be extremely helpful in trying to map out the child’s story. We find that knowledge is Power we want to  equip our children with that knowledge for when they are asked by peers about their identity.

We just want to stress that we had no idea of our limits before going through our adoption process. We have Completed many courses, met many professionals, gave evidence in court, cooperated with face-to-face contact, meetings with birth parents and  gone through the English and Scottish legal system. If you asked us at the start of our adoption journey would you be able to do all of this we would’ve said “no” however it’s amazing What you can achieve!  We feel if you break it down into bite-size pieces, which is easy to digest; you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Be proud of the journey that you have been on
Be proud of the journey your child’s been on
Be proud of your family! 

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