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Have you thought about adopting a child in Glasgow? About changing a child’s life and helping them to flourish?



Are you #opentoadoption? Can you offer a lifelong commitment and a stable loving home to a child who, for whatever reason, is unable to remain with their own family? We always need for more people to come forward and provide permanent and loving families for Glasgow’s children through adoption.

Adoption is incredibly fulfilling. We need adoptive parents who will help children start a new life. As with parenting any child there will be ups and downs, but our training and support will help to prepare you for these challenges.

Glasgow City HSCP adoption service is currently experiencing a high volume of both domestic adoption and Intercountry adoption enquiries. As a result we are not able to support prospective adopters from the point of enquiry, preparation, assessment to the point of approval within our usual timescales. Whilst we still welcome your enquiry to adopt with Glasgow City HSCP we do ask that you speak to a member of our recruitment team on 0345 276 5555 so we can share with you what this high volume of enquiries may mean in relation to your enquiry to adopt, what our current timescales are and other options you may wish to consider.

Currently, we are only accepting enquiries from prospective adopters who live in the geographical area of Glasgow. If you live out with Glasgow then please contact your local authority.


Welcome to Families for Children, Glasgow’s Adoption and Fostering Services Podcast. If you’ve thought about adopting a child but don’t know where to start, this podcast series, hosted by Fat Brestovca could help.

1st podcast
Anna’s story
Listen to Mum of two, Anna, talks openly about her experiences of adoption.

2nd podcast
James’s story
James shares his adoption journey and encourages more LGBTI people to come forward and consider adoption.

3rd podcast
Claire, Supervising Social Worker
Claire joins presenter Fat Brestovca in the studio to talk through the adoption process with useful advice if you’re considering it.

We hope you find these podcasts interesting and if you would like to find out more please Email: or send us a DM on twitter or Facebook

Who can adopt?

To begin your adoption journey with Families for Children we ask that you meet our criteria.

We welcome enquiries from single people and from couples who are married or in a stable relationship with someone of the same or opposite sex. Guidance is that partners must have been living together for at least two years. We welcome enquiries from families who have children of their own.

Prospective applicants must be over 21. Single prospective adopters, or the younger member of a couple who wish to adopt children aged 0-4, must be under 45 when an application is made.

Ethnic origin, language and religion
Applications will be accepted from all sections of the community.

Health and Lifestyle
We are unable to accept applications if you are undergoing infertility treatment or on a waiting list for treatment. You will be asked to have a full medical, where issues such as weight, smoking and mental health will be considered.

Preliminary Local Authority, Health and Police checks
You will have Local Authority health, employment and Disclosure Scotland checks carried out.

You will require to provide the names and Addresss of referees who are known to you. If you are a couple, these should be people who has known both of you during your relationship and who can testify to the relationship and character and your behaviours. We will also ask you for an employers' references

If you are in any doubt about whether you can adopt, please don’t rule yourself out – talk to us about your circumstances and we can advise you the best way forward.

Could I adopt?

We need to place children in a stable family with parents who will meet their needs now, and into adulthood. We need families who can help Glasgow’s children to grow up feeling good about themselves.

We welcome enquiries from families who have children of their own, as well as those people who do not have children. We need adopters from all walks of life and backgrounds.

During the assessment we look at all the factors contributing to your ability to care for a child/ren, such as your parenting skills and your health and well-being.

It’s always worth getting in touch if you have a question. And if you are in doubt about whether you can adopt, please don’t rule yourself out – talk to us and we can advise.

You can fill in our contact form on the left or call us on 0345 276 5555.

Am I too old to adopt?

You need to be over 21 to apply to adopt. If you are single and would like to adopt a child 0-4 then you must be under 45 when you apply.

If you are in a couple and would like to adopt a child 0-4, then the younger member of the couple must be under 45 when you apply.

Whilst there is no strict age criteria to adopt children over the age of 4, or for sibling groups (brothers and sisters), care will be taken with the matching in terms of adopters’ age, as well as health and lifestyle

I don’t own my own home. Can I still adopt?

Yes! You don’t need to own your own home or adopt. Our adopters live in all sorts of homes. The most important thing is security. You do need a spare bedroom.

Can I adopt if I’m single?

Absolutely. Here at Families for Children we have many single adopters. We welcome enquiries from single people, gay, lesbian or couples, married or in a stable relationship

Our guidance is that partners must have been living together for at least two years before applying to adopt.

Does it matter whether I have my own children?

We welcome enquiries from families who have children of their own – and those who don’t. If you already have children, we’ll work with you to assess how you will meet the adopted child(ren)’s needs as well as those of your existing family. For couples who have fertility issues, we require that you have stopped fertility treatment before applying to adopt and that you have come to terms not having your birth children. We want people applying to adopt to see it as a positive choice

Whatever your family circumstances, it is always helpful if you have a good support network around you.

What if I smoke

We are looking to place children with non-smoking households. If you smoke you may be asked to delay your application until you are able to show that you have stopped smoking for a minimum of one year. There are a number of anti-smoking measures available, and supports for people going through the process.

The adoption process

Adoption is a journey and this page explains the process. We aim to make the adoption process a supportive experience. Our team offers a friendly personalised service and our friendly recruitment team are very experienced in adoption.

Considering adoption can be a big step but please don’t worry our friendly staff are here to talk you through the process.

1. Initial enquiry
The first stage in the process is the initial enquiry. This allows you to find out more about adoption and the process that goes with it. Please ask any questions you have. Our friendly recruitment team are here to answer any queries you have.

Don’t worry if you aren’t ready to speak to us. Please look at our questions answered section

We also have drop in information evenings held quarterly at the City Chambers where you have the opportunity to speak to some of our adopters.

2. Home visit
After talking through some details over the phone we will ask to visit you at home. This does not commit you to anything at this stage. We will talk you through the adoption process in more details and discuss whether it’s the right time for you and your family. If you are keen to proceed then you will be asked to complete a medical form and you will be invited to attend preparatory groups.

3. Prep groups
We’ll invite you to attend our adoption preparatory groups with other prospective adopters designed to provide you with information about adoption. The prep groups are a compulsory part of the assessment.

At this stage we’ll undertake references and background checks. Once we have collated all the information, we will make a decision about whether you can proceed to the formal application.

We’ll be here to support you and talk you through the process so you will know what is happening at what stage.

4. Assessment – formal application stage
The assessment should take around 4- 6 months. At this stage in the process you will spend quite a bit of time with your social worker. During these visits we will discuss your motivations and your family. A report will be presented to the Adoption Panel for consideration and they will make a recommendation to the Agency Decision Maker. The Agency Decision Maker will write to you to let you know the decision.

5. Family finding – matching process
Once you are approved as an adopter, you will be matched with a child/children.

Adoption Stories

Like all journeys, the adoption process is a different experience for each individual family. At Families for Children, we are looking for people to make a positive difference to the lives of Glasgow’s children. We have asked a few of our adopters to share their stories in their own words. Please click on the links below and read about their experiences. (Names have been changed to protect their identities.)

If you would like to find out more adoption then please complete our online form or speak to one of our friendly members of the team. We will contact you for a no obligation chat.

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